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Select an area of the body where the primary medical symptom is located. I've been going to the doctors for ages asking for help, but it was only this week that a lovely lady GP suggested that although many symptoms do fit anxiety, some don't, and they actually fit chronic fatigue more, so she is sending me to a chronic fatigue clinic - I do hope that helps. Often combined with an antihistamine. If I have cold or flu symptoms, when should I call my doctor? As a result, pressure within the skull increases. buy generic viagra Many women with MG have successful pregnancies. I first started getting symptoms at 16 and my Father at 11 - are they really suggesting that it is all in our heads, or that we are the cause? The only exception is guaifenesin with codeine Robitussin AC , available only by prescription, which can help people cough less and sleep better. Pneumonia can be caused by the influenza virus itself, or by bacteria that are able to enter the lungs because natural defenses have been weakened by the flu. The side of the body opposite the tumor may be paralyzed. buy generic viagra For further discussion about myasthenia gravis and pregnancy, please click here. Report this content as offensive or unsuitable comment id 24880 I'm 36. It is usually worthwhile to treat bothersome symptoms if the medication helps you feel better. Patients with cold or flu symptoms should consult a physician for any of the following symptoms, which may indicate more severe illness: High fever Severe headache Shortness of breath Delirium Chest pain Extreme weakness or dizziness Sinus pain or a toothache develops Ear pain develops A cough gets worse, rather than better, as other cold or flu symptoms improve Should I get an influenza immunization flu shot so that if I get flu-like symptoms I will know I don't have influenza? In people with this type of herniation, consciousness is reduced. buy generic viagra Find a local chapterDonate Now! I used to be very active and independent. That said, some experts feel that these medications are of limited or even no value for treating cold symptoms. The most serious complication of influenza is pneumonia, which is an infection of the lungs. Two common types are Transtentorial herniation: The upper part of the brain cerebrum is forced through the narrow opening the tentorial notch in the relatively rigid tissue that separates the cerebrum from the lower parts of the brain cerebellum and brain stem. buy generic viagra Living with MG Community Support Health Professionals Research How can I help? I do feel that the suggestion that it is psychological is quite insulting. For example, if your main symptom is coughing, pick a cough suppressant as opposed to a general cold medication. However, the cold viruses can affect the lining of the upper respiratory system in a way that leads to other infections, such as sinusitis, ear infections or bronchitis. Herniation of the brain see Figure: may result. buy generic viagra Rare Disease Day 2015 February 28, 2015 will be Rare Disease Day. But now I feel always tired, and have done for good few years. The shelves and shelves of products in the pharmacy basically consist of the same handful of drugs in different combinations. Adults, including those in high-risk groups and those who are healthy, are encouraged to get a flu shot in order to avoid or lessen the effects of influenza. If the pressure within the skull is greatly increased, the brain may be pushed downward because the skull cannot expand. buy generic viagra To learn more, click here. I've been told it's "maternal exhaustion", stress, depression, you name it, I've had meds for depression and anxiety but they only made me worse. Reduce nasal congestion by decreasing swelling in the nasal passages. If you have a cold, you will get better, with or without medication, within a few weeks. In infants and very young children, the head enlarges. buy generic viagra Alexion Pharmaceuticals Clinical Trial. I have 3 small children, and on top of the constant fatigue I've developed major anxiety with agoraphobia. In general, there is not much difference between OTC cold remedies and those your doctor prescribes for you. People should not get a flu shot in order to avoid confusion of flu symptoms with those of anthrax, for the following reasons: Symptoms like fever, body aches, and headaches are common to many different infections besides influenza and anthrax. In addition to other symptoms of increased pressure, hydrocephalus makes turning the eyes upward difficult.
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