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The Internet offers us many things - content, entertainment, news, education, socialization, etc. For most users, this plays an important and positive role in everyday life, saving time and helping school work and making contacts with family and friends more frequently. However, there is a weakness in the Internet, it is important to realize the risk of spending online without knowing what it may be in daily life.

The unexpected result of the rapid integration of Internet technology into every part of life is a phenomenon caused by the urgent need to connect to the Internet. How do you know if you are addicted to the Internet?

Many people will joke about it. They will open Facebook before waking up. They chirp everything they do during the day and roam online for hours. But do jokes point to something that can be dangerous - real addiction to the Internet?

The Internet has many uses today, it is easy to use errors that are often a problem. However, it is easy to show the problem as usual. You need to school, work, check the weather, browse the news, talk to colleagues, send photos to friends, and arrange parties. So you're always connected to the Internet.

In fact, there are people who are not online all day on the Internet, but they are not addicted. This is not a matter of how much time you spend on the Internet. In diagnosing dependence on the Internet, certain criteria must be met. For example, you may be interested in the Internet, increase Internet access, you can not stop using the Internet, feel uncomfortable and anxious when you are not connected to the Internet, spend more time online, social networking, family events, In the workplace or study. These are some of the criteria used to determine if a person is a real addictive disorder.

Web Filter can treat Internet addiction regardless of your age, what you do in your life, what you think about the Internet, and the protection of web filtering you can do.

You are opposed to developing online addiction. Stress is prevention, not healing. This may also be part of the healing process, but for people who rely heavily on Internet use, you may need some treatment or external help.

Everyone who uses the Internet risks taking credit, but not everyone develops an unhealthy pattern of use. Certain types of Internet content and applications are more likely to cause a problem with the use of the Internet. Internet porn, for example, has caused a sudden increase in the number of people exposed to adult-oriented content and problems with pornography as a whole. The same is true for gambling, shopping and chatting.

With web filters, users can set clear boundaries to avoid abuse. Filters may block sites that may cause problems for specific content, specific users, or apps. In addition, a web filter can contain a timeline for Internet use, so you can manage time online strictly. Expect everyone to impose unrealistic restrictions. For example, many teens find themselves late because they are connected to the Internet. They forget the time and difficulties in ending an online session without being told that anyone should be stopped. Setting up filters to close the Internet at reasonable times is one of the ways to restrict sleep and Internet restrictions.

In general, the use of filtering techniques to control and limit Internet use is a simple and effective way to prevent the emergence of Internet addiction. We recommend that you install a Web filter to avoid problems before problems occur.

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