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Sleep myth 7: It is better to get up early to exercise than to sleep. A workout is essential for your health. It also helps you to sleep better. But experts say you shouldn't skip sleep to do it. For one thing, you need enough sleep to recover and heal your body when you have exercised. You only get stronger when you rest. The training exercise itself is like hurting the body so that it can recover more strongly. And even your muscle cells have their own body clock. If you don't feel awake, your muscles probably won't either – and they won't get the same benefits from exercise. Sleep myth 8: You swallow a few spiders in your sleep every year. Eight spiders crawl into your open mouth every year and you can't do anything about it, the legend says. Luckily for the Arachnaphobikers around us, it's extremely unlikely. We make noise and vibrate in sleep, and that's probably to scare away spiders. The revealers at Snopes were entitled to a list of "facts" that were supposed to show how gullible people could be. Sleep Myth 9: Insomnia just means you can't fall asleep. Falling asleep is a form of insomnia, according to the National Sleep Foundation, but it's not the only one. Other forms include the inability to fall asleep again after waking up early, waking up throughout the night and even waking up to feel unfresh. The ability to detect sleep problems is the first step to getting help. Fortunately, there are useful recommendations that doctors have for dealing with insomnia. The next and last sleep myths then in part 3.

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