What People are Saying

Dan has been providing high quality design and marketing services to clientele around the world for years. Discerning business owners and managers have found value in Dan's quality work. Click here to see Dan's full online business profile on LinkedIn.

“Dan is one of a handful of people I have hired that I consistently have paid more than the invoice for the work that was provided. Excellent results for hard to please clients at a price that you feel great about paying!”
Phillip Hill
Vice President Marketing
Omega Health Care

“Dan is a master at branding. He has an all around vision in his desire to create a solid product and works effectively with many staff members to coordinate their needs. Dan knows how to ask the right questions in order to make your concept a reality. From a small ad to a full out web site, Dan can make it happen.”
Chris McAviney,
Human Resources Director
Tri-City Ministries

“I have seen Dan's work for a number of years and enjoy his creative edge in his work. He is able to show both a vision in print and online. I would highly recommend Dan to anyone who needs a creative thinker (and doer) to help them materialze their print or web design demands.”
Michael Williams
Deloitte Consulting